#notavictim - Violet Paley

Some guys rape for power. Then there are other guys who are idiots and poorly educated and they think they're entitled. They think they can do what they want to a drunk girl or someone who's crying or someone who is in a less powerful position than them and can't say no or they won't say no because of the position they're in. I felt that way: I was working at a camp making like eight dollars an hour. I was too scared to say anything because I was scared of getting fired from that job. 

#notavictim - Carol Leigh

I don't remember having extreme trauma from being raped. I've been traumatized by a lot of things in my life. I'm not saying I wasn't traumatized at all, but I mean I've been traumatized more as a sex worker activist, I’ve gotten death threats, been told I’m an enemy of women by anti-prostitution activists and on and on. That kept me traumatized over years.